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Past Lab Members

Past Post-docs:


Dr. Kevin Brix (2015)
Project: Genetic basis for salinity adaptation

Dr. Sarah Alderman (2014)
Project: Enhanced oxygen delivery via pH sensitive haemoglobins in the teleost heart

Dr. Louise Kuchel (2008)

Current position: Lecturer, Integrative Biology, University of Queensland

Dr. Manuela Gardner (2008)
Current position: Instructor, Texas A & M, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

Dr. Jason Bystriansky (2010)
Current position: Assistant Professor DePaul University, Chicago

Past PhD’s:

Dr. Rosalind Leggatt (2006)
Thesis: Glutathione in fish: transportation, influence of temperature and growth rate, and interactions with the stress response

Dr. Dan Baker (2011)
Current position: Assistant Professor, Vancouver Island University

Dr. Jodie Rummer (2010)
Current position: Assistant Professor, James Cook University

Dr. Brian Sardella Ph D (2006)
Current position: Assistant Professor, California State University, Stanislaus

Past MSc

Emerman, Josh(2016)
Project: The optimal salinity for growth in Coho and Atlantic salmon in recirculating aquaculture systems.

Katelyn Tovey (2015)
Project: The effect of water ion composition on acid-base regulation during hypercarbia at rest and during exercise in rainbow trout

Jonathan Wong (2015)
Project: The effect of substrate on growth and development of sturgeon and coho salmon

Emily Gallagher (2014)
Project: Ionoregulatory development in rainbow trout and pink salmon

Michelle Ou (2014)
Project: Ocean acidification on early life stages of rainbow trout and pink salmon


Tara McBryan (2014)
Project: The effect of salinity on the physiological responses of Coho and Atlantic salmon in recirculating aquaculture systems

Andre Azzam (2011)
Project: Aerobic scope in juvenile pink salmon following seawater entry.

Zoe Gallagher  (2011)
Project: Ontogeny of salinity tolerance in larval and juvenile pink salmon

JP Hastey (2011)
Project: The effect of salinity, temperature and handling in hagfish

Katie Huynh (2010)
Project: The celluar basis for preferential intracellular pH regulation in sturgeon

Laura Nendick (2010)
Project: The swimming performance and post-swim ion concentrations of juvenile pink salmon and the effect of parasitic sea lice on these parameters.

Mike Sackville (2010)
Project: Of saline and sea Lice: Hydromineral challenges and osmoregulatory strategies associated with early ocean entry in pink salmon.

Clarice Fu (2009)
Thesis: The relative timing of skin-to-gill transitions for sodium and oxygen uptake and the plasticity of gill ionoregulatory development in the larval rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss

Matt Regan (2008)
Thesis: The Evolution of Proton-Triggered Oxygen Pumps: Root Effect Haemoglobins in Basal Actinopterygian Fishes

Anna Machala (2007)
Thesis: Rhinovirus infection of the human airway epithelium: In Vitro characterization of viral replication, inflammatory response, and immune-modulating effects of echinacea

current position: Regional manager of sales for a pharmaceutical company

Susie Huang MSc (2007)
Thesis: Effects of dietary canola oil level on growth, fatty acid metabolism and physiology of red sea bream fingerlngs and spring chinook salmon parr

current position: doctoral candidate, UC Davis

Eunice Chin MSc (2006)
Thesis: Steroids and sexual differentiation of the Songbird brain.

current position: doctoral candidate, Trent University

Susan Caldwell MSc (2004)
Thesis: The effect of storage procedures on the β-adrenergic response of rainbow trout red blood cells

Current position: Professor, Biology, Department of Biology, Grossmont College, San Diego, CA

Past Technicians:

Karen Tattersall (2011-2013)
The effect of early rearing conditions on larval sturgeon development

Steve Tang (2009)
The interaction between sea lice and juvenile pink salmon

Amelia Grant, Technician (2008)
Current position: Technician, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Pacific Biological Station.

Kim Suvadjzic, Technician (2005)
current position: Medical school


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