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Lab Awards


  • Ryan Shartau, Cordula and Gunter Paetzold Fellowship
  • Michelle Ou, Vanier (2016-2019), Declined.
  • Jacelyn Shu, NSERC CGSM (2016)
  • Jodie Rummer (former Ph D), SEB President’s Medal (Education)


  • Mike Sackville Zoology Graduate Fellowship
  • Naomi Pleizer, NSERC PGSD (2015-2018)
  • Olivia McMillan, NSERC CGSM
  • Jodie Rummer (former Ph D), Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Research Award (ARC DECRA), Bartholomew Award (SICB), L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Australia Fellowship


  • Tara McBryan, NSERC CGSM
  • Phil Morrison, NSERC PGSD (2014-2016)
  • Ryan Shartau, Paetzold Fellowship


  • Phil Morrison, BRITE Fellowship
  • Michael Sackville, Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement
  • Ryan Shartau, NSERC CGSD


  • Emily Gallagher, NSERC CGSM
  • Till Harter, UBC 4 YEAR FELLOWSHIP
  • Phil Morrison, NSERC PGSM
  • Michelle Ou, NSERC CGSM


  • Jodie Rummer, Australian Research Council, Super Science Fellowship
  • Ryan Shartau, NSERC CGSD


  • Dan Baker, Society for Experimental Biology “General Animal Biology Oral Presentation Prize”
  • Dan Baker, NSERC Post-Doctoral Fellowship (2010-2012)
  • Clarice Fu, Governor General’s Gold Medal (MSc), UBC (Best of 1000 MSc theses in 2010)
  • Matt Regan, NSERC PGSD
  • Michael Sackville, NSERC CGSD (2010-2014)
  • Ryan Shartau, UBC Four Year Fellowship


  • Andre Azzam, NSERC CGSM


  • Clarice Fu, 2nd runner up, Best Student Presentation, International Congress on the Biology of Fish, Portland, Oregon, USA; Best Oral Presentation, UBC Zoology Graduate Student Symposium
  • Katie Huynh, NSERC CGSM (2008-2010)
  • Jodie Rummer, 2nd runner up, Young Scientist of the Year Award, Society of Experimental Biology, Parc Chanot, Marseille


  • Clarice Fu, NSERC CGSM (2007-2009)
  • Laura Nendick, NSERC PGSM (2007-2009)


  • Dan Baker, NSERC CGSD (2006-2008); Society of Biology, Company of Biologists Travel Scholarship; Canadian Society of Zoologists Research Travel Award
  • Susie Huang, Best Student Presentation, Pacific Fisheries Technologists 57th Annual Meeting, Anchorage, Alaska, USA.
  • Jodie Rummer, runner up best presentation, American Fisheries Society, Southern Division
  • Brian Sardella, CALFED Fellow (2 year Post-doctoral Fellowship)


  • Dan Baker, Best Oral Presentation, UBC Zoology Graduate Symposium
  • Jodie Rummer, University Graduate Fellowship, UBC
  • Brian Sardella, University Graduate Fellowship, UBC


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